Can I keep my existing number?


You want to retain your existing number as you move over to breeze Okay, you want to keep your number, no problems, very easy. Simply ring your current mobile phone operator and ask them for send your PAC code to you.

We can port your existing number to our network for free.

When do I get billed?

This depends whether you are a business user or personal user Business user will be billed end of every month Personal User Billed monthly in advance comencing at startup

Which SIM card do I need?

We have one standard SIM that fits all i.e micro or nano How do I cancel my contract?

Give us 30 days notice and we will cancel your contract.

How do I activate roaming?

If you are planning to use Whizz-SIM abroad please contact us. In some cases we may ask for a deposit of £100 or scanned/photograph of your passport/driving license and proof of address. This is to prevent fraud.

Does the contract come with phone handset?

No. We are offering SIM only contract at the moment.

Mobile internet

All Breeze SIM cards are enabled for mobile internet by default unless you have purchased a bundle that does not include internet in which case we have to disable it. Your settings are Mobile data selected. Please leave Network Operators selector to automatic. Can I use my phone when travelling abroad?

Yes. Provided you have credit or airtime on your phone you will remain connected when you're out of the country. You can also access your voicemail and customer services when you're overseas. Is Breeze to Breeze call Free?

Yes. All calls made from a Breeze SIM to another BREEZE SIM is free. How Do I check my balance?

Simply dial 124 followed by the send key.

How do I check my Bundle Balance?

Simply dial 1870 and send Can I use my SIM in UK.

Yes. Breeze SIM can be used any where in the world. It can be used here in the UK on our standard tariff. If used outside UK, it is charged on our roaming tariff.